32" x 60" Walk-In Bath - Award Winning Design!

The American Standard® 32"x60"acrylic walk-in tub provides maximum therapeutic pleasure. Offering numerous options and features, including Whirlpool, Air Spa and Combo massage, this walk-in bath gives a completely immersive and relaxing bathing experience. » Learn More

31" x 51" Walk-In Bath

The American Standard® 31”X51” gel coat walk-in tub offers many of the same benefits and features of our acrylic tubs. As a soaking tub you will enjoy an easy access door system, contoured, built-in seat, grab bar and textured bottom for safety. Add to that either Air Spa or Whirlpool options or better yet both for an invigorating yet relaxing bath. » Learn More

30" x 51" Walk-In Bath

The American Standard® 30"x51"acrylic walk-in tub provides the same options, features and therapeutic benefits as the larger 32"x60" model, but it fits into a slightly smaller space and requires less water to fill. Equipped with the same options and features, it's our most popular model. » Learn More

26" x 51" Walk-In Bath

The American Standard® 26"x51" acrylic walk-in tub also provides many of the same features, options and benefits as the larger models, yet it fits into even the smallest spaces and allows for easy installation. » Learn More


28" x 48" Walk-In Bath

The American Standard® 28"X48" gel coat walk-in tub is similar to the 26"x51" in that it will fit into smaller than standard bathtub spaces. What makes this tub even more unique is that it is also intended to fit into the same space as a standard shower unit. It allows you to have a completely submersive bath in a space where even a standard bath wouldn't fit.» Learn More


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